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Posted 13/03/2023 in Article

Time-boxing your self-care

Time-boxing your self-care

Guest Author - Stellar Aromatherapy

‘So wait a second’, rolls eyes and concentrates on bitten nails for a few more moments, ‘what is time boxing?’

That was me 2 years ago when a senior leader in my office job suggested a new technique they had learnt about. Put simply, timeboxing is a simple time management technique that involves allotting a fixed, maximum unit of time for an activity in advance, and then completing the activity within that time frame. No more and no less…it actually makes some sense in the work environment – but then I decided to think about it for my everyday life. 

Life’s pretty busy - work, family commitments, extra-curricular activities can all mount up and leave you feeling totally frazzled and suffering from the inevitable ‘burn out’. So, what can you do to help yourself make positive change and use time-boxing to help? 

Every day find your time, if everyday is too overwhelming at first, then how about once a week? Fortnightly? Monthly? Then find something and commit a set period of time to it, it could be 10 minutes to meditate daily, 30 mins of yoga or stretching a week, journaling for 10 minutes daily, creating a monthly vision board.

This is self-care time boxing – put simply making time for yourself! As with lots of things props can be important, investing in a meditation app like Calm, purchasing a new pen and journal, setting up an environment where you comfortable to take some time out (if that’s your favourite candle, a yoga mat, bath-time goodies, then do it!) are all a part of getting the ritual set up.

So to get you started choose one of these from each time box to try over the next two weeks:

5 mins

Light a candle and take 5 minutes to repeat the following mantra ‘All is well, right here, right now’

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, inhale and exhale rhythmically focusing on your breathing.

Have a mindful cuppa, how often do you gulp a tea back without thinking? Sit down in a comfy spot and sip your tea gently, let any thoughts pass over you as you take in the taste of the tea and allow yourself to relax.


10 mins

Flick through a magazine - I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve purchased a magazine and then not had time to read it. Choose the article that stands out to you and give it your time.

Put your fav playlist on and have a dance – no explanation required, but it is worth lowering the blinds for this one if you want our privacy J

Sit out in the garden and focus on the sounds around you, let your thoughts wash over you and try to embrace the sound of nature. Follow the sounds of nature that you here and find their beginning and end.


15 mins

Take a bath - 15 min soak is all it takes, try an Epsom Salt bath blend with essential oils to relieve stress, soothe tired muscles and nourish the body.

Go for a walk – a purposeful walk around the block can clear your head, again, try to focus on the sounds of nature around you.

Read a few chapters of your book – books illuminate your imagination; they take you to new places emotionally and mentally – yet so many people don’t have the time. Just 15 mins a day will give you that chance for escapism or an opportunity to broaden your thinking.

About the Author

Stellar Aromatherapy is a small UK based business, run by me, Stella! I blend essential oils to make vegan and cruelty free scents for your body and home. Find me at www.stellararomatherapy.com or follow me on Instagram @stellar_aromatherapy for more self-care tips, thought provoking quotes and luxury essential oil products.

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