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Posted 23/01/2023 in Blog

Tried and Tasted - Chanel's Cakery

Tried and Tasted - Chanel's Cakery

As younger sister to Natasha, founder of Support Small UK, I take the burden upon myself of the hard role of being sent treats in the post from her, and having to taste test all of them, with the assistance of my best friend Eliza. For my first task in my new job, she was kind enough to send me a gorgeous package of cakes and  bakes by the hugely talented Chanel of Chanel’s Cakery. This was an exciting day in my student house, and my word, this parcel did not disappoint!

The first goodie we tried was the luxurious bueno cookie dough bar which out of everything was my favourite! (we dug in before I even took a picture - oops) The chocolate was opulent, with thick layers of cookie dough, whole segments of kinder bueno and velvety brownie, so only a sliver was needed at a time of this tasty treat.

For those chocolate lovers out there, the double Dairy Milk pie is a must. I’d never had anything like this before, and it was the first to be finished off by my friends! It consisted of a delicious creamy milk chocolatey pie-like filling and white chocolate chunks, with a crumbly but soft cookie crust. It was less rich than the bueno cookie dough, making it dangerously moreish! 

Another unique flavour was found in the cornflake jam tart blondie. The sweetness of the thin layer of jam worked really well with the almost salty taste of the chewy blondie, which was surprisingly not too sweet. This one was probably more of an acquired taste, but one which I enjoyed. Plus, it contains cereal so would technically count as breakfast!

Next, we went for something different, with the cookies. The sprinkle cookie was so nostalgic, with a buttery and creamy texture, and the chips inside adding an extra dimension to it. The sticky caramel cookie was also delightful, with that same glorious cookie base but a sweeter edge, thanks to the gooey caramel throughout.

The Caramel flavour was also a showstopper in the caramel brownie. This in my opinion would be a crowd pleaser, with its decadent darker chocolate filling and thick chunks of chocolate accompanied by a crumbly cookie-like base. This was far more than your standard brownie, and you can really tell how much care and consideration goes into all of Chanel’s bakes.

Last but by no means least was the Biscoff brownie. Whilst I think it would be hard to get the fabulous speculoos flavour wrong, Chanel gets this one oh so right, and I think about the bliss that was this bake often. With a white chocolate and cookie crumb on top of the brownie, it was buttery and not too sweet, and an excellent choice to pair with a milky coffee. I do warn you though, that this is seriously addictive, so eat with care.

Overall, I would describe Chanel’s bakes as being extravagant and indulgent. They lasted weeks in the fridge without losing texture or flavour, and certainly got me in the good books of all my friends as I forced samples upon them. If you’re looking for a gift, a treat for yourself or comfort because of illness/cold weather/little mix breaking up look no further than the wonderful Chanel’s Cakery.

Instagram: @chanelscakery

Website: www.chanelscakery.co.uk

By Laila Shafiee

The views and opinions reflected in this article are those of the author. We or the author were not paid to post this article and paid for the items tasted.