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The Business Hub is updated forthnightly with new blogs relating to all things small business - please see some examples below of what can currently be found now or within the next few months to help you and your small business

An Introduction to Typeform: The Spanish startup that revolutionized the design of forms/surveys

Typeform is a platform that allows you to create digital forms in an easy and simple way, offering a good experience for both those who create the questionnaires and those who respond.

What is Mailchimp and how does it work?

Mailchimp is an email marketing software with which you can contact potential or current customers by email. It allows you to tap into your lead database and send them messages with personalized offers or relevant information

Ubersuggest: The Complete tool for Keyword Research and Web Analytics

Ubersuggest is a keyword combination tool, essential for running SEM or SEO campaigns. The platform is capable of suggesting various keyword combinations in a short time

Key Accounting and Financial Terms for Small Business Owners: A Guide for Success 

With a thorough understanding of key accounting and financial terms, unlock the secrets of financial success for your small business

The Ultimate guide to Notion for Small Business Owner

Notion can help you organise, plan and manage your small business all in one place. Notion templates, icons and covers can make your business 100% easier. Read this article now to know more!

Tips and Tricks for Using Canva as a Small Business Owner
Canva is a powerful tool for business owners. In this blog post, you'll learn some powerful features for using Canva as a small business owner.

An Introduction to Pinterest for Small Business Owner

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine, powerful for brands and creators who want to drive traffic. 

Introduction to Pinterest SEO for Small Business Owner

Pinterest is a visual search engine, and it's essential to understand Pinterest SEO. 

Introduction to Etsy SEO for Small Business Owner

Etsy SEO is a crucial aspect of running a successful Etsy shop. Read this blog post for an introduction to Etsy SEO.

Introduction to TikTok for Small Business Owner

In the past few years, TikTok has gained popularity among business owners. This blog post provides an introduction to TikTok marketing.