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MOLTEN - Unique Organic Sculptural Earrings - Gunmetal & Gold


Introducing a striking and mysterious combination of black and gold to this collection of fused sterling silver, manifesting in delicately draping molten layers and textures that are beautifully irregular.

Delicate, minimalist but still with plenty of edge!

The hand-applied accents of 24ct gold plating* and deep patination of the recycled silver emphasises the organic textures of these Molten pieces.

A bit of dark luxury.

Each piece in the collection is entirely unique and can be worn alone or mixed up and layered for a look that is always completely individual.

These earrings are intentionally irregular in size and shape and are not matching with 11.5mm long Sterling silver posts with Sterling silver scrolls.

Finished in a cool and contemporary gunmetal patina with gold-plated detail (my gold plating solution has been specifically sourced from a Responsible Jewellery Council certified and audited supplier).

Please also note that the patination and plating may gradually wear off in time, especially on the high points that rub against surfaces and other jewellery worn next to it, to reveal the brighter, shinier silver beneath. The rate in which this happens depends on how often the piece is worn and how much the piece is in contact with water, chemicals (including soap and lotions) and hard surfaces. I find this only adds to the beauty and journey of the piece, as it develops a finish completely unique to you.

Made from 'Eco' Sterling (925) silver. This is 100% recycled silver from products that range from scrap jewellery to scrap medical equipment, offering a much more environmentally responsible option. All of my work is created with sustainability in mind whilst retaining quality and integrity.

Presented in a beautiful eco-friendly box that is made from fully recyclable materials, and free from tarnish-accelerating chemicals.

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