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The Balancing Act Pulse Point Oil Duo


Looking for a natural way to ease your mind and bring balance to your mood? Look no further than our pulse point essential oils balancing act duo! Our pulse point oils are perfect for aromatherapy on the go, with easy-to-use roller balls that make it simple to apply the oils to your pulse points. Two beautiful ways to help bring calm, comfort, balance and restoration. 

Our Harmony blend is a delightful mix of florals and citrus, carefully balanced to bring you a sense of calm and comfort. Apply this pulse point oil to your wrists or temples and feel the rush of peace that comes with it. The carefully chosen blend of oils is designed to help bring coherence to your mood, leaving you feeling perfectly at one with the world.

For a unisex option, try our Hero blend. This gorgeous mix of bergamot, rosemary and vetiver is sure to promote feelings of happiness, contentment, and authenticity. Wear it to feel your inner strength and anchor those feelings of boldness and bravery. Whether you're a man or a woman, this blend is perfect for anyone looking to feel their best.

Both of our pulse point oils come in 10ml sizes and are packaged in sturdy, recyclable and reusable branded boxes. 

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