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Bergamot and Flow Products

Zen Pen Pulse Point Oil

The beautiful alchemy of lavender, ylang ylang and benzoin (a wonderfully rich and warming resin with a vanilla like... View More

Activate Pulse Point Oil

Perfect for mornings, this invigorating little bottle contains lemongrass, pine and a hint of peppermint and will... View More

Dreamland Diffuser Oil Blend

Introducing our latest addition to the aromatherapy range - the Dreamland diffuser oil blend! We listened to your... View More

Zen Diffuser Oil Blend

Looking for an effortless way to transform your living space into a soothing sanctuary? Our range of essential diffuser... View More

Focus Pulse Point Oil

Brilliant for long drives, study sessions or intense days at work, this blend of peppermint, rosemary and lime will... View More

7 Days of Self Care Pulse Point Oils

In today's busy world, it's more important than ever to take the time for self care. But, starting a self... View More

Heaven and Earth Pulse Point Oil Duo

Looking for a way to balance your mood and emotions? Look no further than our pulse point essential oils,with easy-to-use... View More

Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

This electric diffuser is not only functional but also a stylish piece of decor that would look great in any room.... View More

Meet Mother Earth Diffuser Blend

Let the power of nature work its magic with our Meet Mother Earth diffuser blend! This unique blend of cedarwood,... View More

The Wellness Box

In today's busy world, it's all too easy to put self care on the back burner. That's why we're thrilled... View More

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About Bergamot and Flow

Bergamot and Flow evolved from a love of complimentary therapies - I experimented with essential oils simply for their nice smells initially, before I realised the impact they had on my mood and my senses. If I got positive benefits from them surely others would too? 

I want to make self care accessible and affordable for everybody - that’s why I make small sized pulse point oils so people can try them and make sure they have the right blend for their needs. The pandemic and then the lockdowns really started a shift in people prioritising themselves and making self care a real goal for lots of us. I like to think I can help make that a little easier. 

Aromatherapy isn’t all about lavender and sleep - I have created blends that help uplift, balance, ground and focus as well as calm and relax. 

I also practice yoga and have done for many years - it seemed a natural progression to combine these two passions and my first chakra set was created! It’s still essentially the same set, although it looks a little different now! The chakra oils are a perfect way to enhance a yoga practice or treat yourself holistically to increase your wellbeing. With a range of gift boxes focussed around wellness there is definitely something for everyone!’

Bergamot and Flow Reviews

Submitted by Izzy on 04/11/2023

The Pulse Point Oils are amazing!

Overall Rating

I received two different pulse point oils from Bergamot & Flow and they are absolutely amazing for relaxing and bringing you back to centre! Highly recommend and such lovely service too! 

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