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The perfect gift for pub lovers

Spend £20, get £100 worth of food & drinks at pubs We launched CityStack to support independent... View More

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About CityStack

CityStack is the perfect gift for pub lovers - a £25 stack of beer mats that lets you get £100 worth of food & drink at outstanding independent pubs across London.

This initiative aims to support great independent pubs and help pub lovers socialise within their budget.

In each pack, you'll find a special beer mat that gives you £100 worth of food and drink. Show it at any ten of the 50+ pubs handpicked by the CityStack team, and have it stamped to get £10 off £20+ spend. Of course, you can spend more than £20 to show your support – they won’t turn you away! Collect 10 stamps to save £100!

Each pack provides a fun experience too, including a map and a stack of collectible informative beer mats to learn more about a fantastic selection of London pubs.

Great pubs are willing to offer exclusive discounts with CityStack because it drives people to visit and discover them. You save money and the pubs gain new customers, it’s a win-win!