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The fine grain salt mixed with the coconut pulp and shell, the lychee seeds and grape seed oil creates a mouth-watering product – almost good enough to eat, but please don't.

 Our Coconut and Lychee seed Super Body Scrub feels just like a trip to a tropical paradise. It’s refreshing, relaxing and smells wonderfully coconutty. Just scrub up with this coconut exfoliator and you’ll have a skin that feels softer and smoother without ever leaving home.


  • Coco Nucifera extract is the main ingredient in this amazing all-rounder product. Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising. Ideal for people with sensitive skin as it has no preservatives or alcohol.
  • Coconut oil also retains the moisture content of the skin, as the natural fats eliminate moisture that can be lost through pores.
  • High in lauric acid which has strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties, protecting skin from microbial infections that can get into open wounds or even enter the body through the pores.
  • Rich in proteins and vitamin E, which are essential for healthy skin growth, repair of wear & tear on the skin, keeping skin smooth and protecting against cracking. This prevents premature ageing and wrinkling of the skin, whilst fighting free radicals with its great antioxidant properties.
  • The lychee is rich in enzymes that eliminate dead skin cells

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