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Lush Pearls - Natural Beauty

Lush Pearls - Natural Beauty Products


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Lush Pearls - Natural Beauty
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Who We Are…

Lush Pearls-Natural Beauty is a pioneering British family business with a revolutionary range of ethical beauty products. We’re home to a range of Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Parabens free beauty products. Our bodycare products are handmade in the UK, and France and we DO NOT test on animals.

Our range includes body, care. Our products are so pure they make great Natural Remedies for Sensitive Skin and conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis & Acne!

Lush Pearls Natural Beauty is the creation of a caring and passionate entrepreneur who believes the cosmetics industry needs BIG CHANGE and that 100% Plant-Powered & Compassionate beauty products will improve your skin, your health and your well-being.


Our Mission…

We have set ourselves a mission – to provide you with the purest and most effective beauty products you can find. These have to be 100% naturally derived and ethical. This means NO animal-derived ingredients, toxic synthetic chemicals & harsh alcohols. We’re Super Conscious about where our ingredients come from. We always use ethically sourced ingredients, and we always ensure our ingredients are sustainably sourced and organic where possible.

We want our products & our business to inspire every person who uses Lush Pearls Natural Beauty, and we want to show you that Plant-Powered Beauty is the way forward! We also intend to use Lush Pearls as a platform to raise awareness about ethical issues that arise in the cosmetics industry such as the relentless use of animal-derived ingredients, animal cruelty, plastic micro-beads and the destructive use of Palm Oil.

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