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ChilliWinter Isle of Wight

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ChilliWinter Isle of Wight Products

Lava Rings Sterling Silver, Handmade

Sterling Silver Lava Rings handmade by ChilliWinter Isle of Wight. Taking pieces of sterling silver, heating and... View More

Spinner Ring Sterling Silver, Handmade

Single, double or triple?   These are really elegant, and with the spinners held loosely on the concave ring,... View More

Sunshine Coffee Cup Candle (Proceeds to Charity)

Enjoy this candle unscented, or, pick your fragrance from the drop-down menu. Either way, whether this is a treat... View More

Woody Everyday Candles

Woody Every Day Candles: explore a choice of five soy wax candle scents from our Woody Collection, to be enjoyed all-year-round!... View More

Aromatherapy Candles (Award Winning) 150g

Winners of the ‘Beauty, Bath & Spa’ category at the Gift of The Year Awards 2022! Also picking up... View More

Handmade Sterling Silver Wishbone Ring

Wishbone Sterling Silver Ring.  Simple, stylish, and worn singly, as stackers, or mid-finger. A lovely treat,... View More

Sweet Wax Melts

Sweet Wax Melts: explore a choice of five soy wax candle scents from our Sweet Collection, to be enjoyed all-year-round!... View More

Aromatherapy Wellbeing Oils (10ml)

Aromatherapy Wellbeing Oils (10ml) These 10ml dropper-bottles contain highly concentrated pure natural essential... View More

Make Your Own Candles x12 (Proceeds to Charity)

Make Your Own Candles, whilst fundraising for Mountbatten Isle of Wight – our 2024 Charitable Partner.... View More

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, handmade – simplicity, at it’s best! Delicate and timeless – for... View More

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ChilliWinter Isle of Wight
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About ChilliWinter Isle of Wight

We are Kathy Chillistone and Dave Winter - and our brand name ChilliWinter is a mash of our surnames, discovered after a few rhubarb gin cocktails about 6 years ago! We live on the Isle of Wight, and Kathy gave up the corporate world to pursue our small business 4 years ago, and Dave is still a full-time public sector key worker. Kathy designs and makes all Skincare and Home Fragrance products, and Dave is a Silversmith. 

We won 3 awards in the UK Gift of The Year Awards in May 2022, which feels wonderful as such a small business, and has boosted our visibility, as well as customer trust and confidence in our products. 

Being values led, we differentiate by showing these, in these sorts of ways:

  • Always waving the shop local and shop small flag, collaborating with other like-minded businesses to share resources, problem solve and support one another.
  • Eco conscious: ethical and sustainable material sourcing, and an aim for zero waste (no fancy packaging which costs the consumer, and the planet).
  • Community focussed: we work with charities and not for profit to fundraise, and also promote their ethos, aims, challenges and achievements. Inn 3 years, almost £6k has been raised for 3 different charities.
  • Safety and wellbeing; a keen attention to quality and continuous improvement, product development and customer engagement.

Please connect with us on social media, so we can learn more about each other. You can find out heaps more too on our website.

ChilliWinter Isle of Wight Reviews

Submitted by Izzy on 04/11/2023

Amazing Products and friendly service!

Overall Rating

The Lip Balms from ChilliWinter are not only fully sustainable but they are absolutely amazing for the winter months and the cold! They last a very long time and the service is amazing! 

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