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Ethiqana Products

Bovow - Build & Play Pull Along Toy Dog

Handmade Non-toxic Wooden Toys Bovow is a beading toy containing six brightly coloured beading parts. Bovow refines... View More

Cubby - Wooden Stacking Toy Bear

Handmade Non-toxic Wooden Toys Cubby is a wooden stacker toy containing five brightly coloured rings. Playing with... View More

Tuttu Turtle - Pull Along Toy with Rotating Shell

Handmade Non-toxic Wooden Toys Tuttu Turtle is a unique wooden pull toy. Its rotating shell fascinates children and... View More

Chip Chop - Stack & Push Toy Helicopter

Handmade Non-toxic Wooden Toys Chip Chop is a wooden build and play push toy containing four brightly coloured stacking... View More

Birdie Rattle - Green

Handmade Non-toxic Wooden Toys Infants are fascinated by movement and sounds. 'Birdie' is a colourful wooden... View More

Set of Two String Spinning Tops

Handmade Non-toxic Wooden Toys A) String Top - this has an attached thread to spin the top & requires a little... View More

Trako Tractor - Wooden Push Toy

Handmade Non-toxic Wooden Toys Trako is a robust and rugged looking wooden tractor push toy that offers hours of... View More

Pom Pom Rail - Pull Along Toy Train

Handmade Non-toxic Wooden Toys Pom Pom Rail is a handmade wooden pull along toy with one engine and two wagons. The... View More

Ma Me Pa Pull Along Turtle Family, Rotating Shells

Handmade Non-toxic Wooden Toys Ma Me Pa is a train of mama, baby and papa turtles. This wooden pull along toy fascinates... View More

Moee - Push Toy Car

Handmade Non-toxic Wooden Toys Moee is a simple wooden push toy. Children easily make friends with this innocently... View More

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About Ethiqana

Ethiqana is a social enterprise founded on the principles of ethical sourcing, sustainability and fair trade in order to bring about positive social change. Our mission is simple:

  • Empower artisans through fair and ethical sourcing
  • Rediscover sustainable materials and reduce the use of plastics
  • Provide viable, affordable and sustainable choices to consumers

Our aim is to start an artisanal revival in the world of children’s toys and other homewares and accessories. We work with small artisan producers carefully selected based on eco-friendliness of their methods & the need for creative and economic empowerment. 

We strive to solve two problems:

  • Help reduce plastic pollution - Our aim is to rediscover sustainable materials and art forms that are on the verge of extinction These earth-friendly crafts can help in reversing the effects of climate change and ease the plastic pollution - perhaps even make a huge dent in it too.
  • Help provide a better life to artisans - Ethiqana works with small scale artisan producers to help preserve their crafts through sustainable livelihoods. This can help bring about social parity and equity in the artisan community that has no way of competing with mass industrialisation. Talented and skilled artisans have to abandon their art and go and work in some big nameless factory to make ends meet. Their wonderful earth-friendly craft is lost to future generations.

We do not just want to sell and make a profit. We want to bring about positive social and environmental change. We invest and re-invest in our artisans - economically and socially.