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Easy Baking: Simple recipes for the novice baker

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Easy Baking Ebook

Easy Baking includes 25 simple recipes for the novice baker including categories such as cupcakes, classic cakes and... View More

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The Sugar Rose Kitchen
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About The Sugar Rose Kitchen

Who is The Sugar Rose Kitchen?

Well it's basically just me, Samantha Monoyou, assisted by my long suffering husband who helps me out with cake engineering, deliveries, topping huge boxes of cupcakes, working on my stall and of course volunteering for 'cake-testing'!

I started the business in 2015 mainly making celebration cakes. I'd been baking for family and friends' birthdays for a few years at this point. With lots of nieces and nephews I had no shortage of practice. In 2015 a couple of friends asked to pay me for the cakes I made for them, and so The Sugar Rose Kitchen was born!

Initially I specialised in children's cakes. Then came the anniversary cakes, christening cakes and eventually wedding cakes too. To this day novelty and illusion cakes are my favourites to make, I love any custom cake which presents a bit of a challenge.

 After a year or so of making custom cakes for celebrations I decided to try my hand at becoming a market trader. Originally selling luxury cupcakes in a variety of flavours, my stall proved very popular due to the quality of the cupcakes, the flavours on offer and the layout of my stall. I sell a variety of different luxury cupcake flavours including salted caramel, strawberry and prosecco, chocolate orange and even bacon and maple syrup! You name it there's probably been a cupcake flavoured with it on my market stall at one time or another! These change seasonally so it's likely every time you visit me there will be a different selection. 

In time I added chocolate brownies and other traybakes to my cake stall offering. These proved very popular, and people often remark on how delicious they are but also their size, I often hear "massive brownies", or the "biggest brownies I've ever seen"!

I visit various markets and events throughout Gloucestershire and also have a regular stall at different businesses in the area. This business was the majority of my work in 2019 but 2020 was a very different story. 

Since facing the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, lockdown caused all my pre-booked markets, events and business stalls to be cancelled or postponed. I had to find a way to continue to serve my customers but without contact and without any markets available. I considered my most popular products and decided to launch 'Brownies in the Post'. Starting with the Favourites Box of brownies and traybakes based on my 6 most popular flavours, I packaged these up to send as postal brownies to people. Being able to offer brownie delivery has been extremely popular and I am sending out batches of my Favourites Box postal brownies via Royal Mail twice a week, every week!

Also during lockdown I've launched a home-baking Facebook group as an outlet for my passion in helping people to learn to bake. We share recipes, discuss triumphs and disasters too! Alongside this my Easy Baking recipe book is now available. With 25 simple recipes, it has step-by-step instructions, variation suggestions and top tips. It's the ideal companion for anyone who thinks they can't bake!

What's Next? 

Postal cookies are now available in the online shop, I have also added lots of different flavours to the postal brownie menu. I have plans for lots of different products to be launched through my website over the next year, and to focus even more on my home-baking tribe! 

We're enjoying being out and about again at various local events, it's great to finally see my customers again! Hope to meet you sometime soon!