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Cherry Blossom Treescape (Miniature)

Welcome to my new collection of tapestry-woven treescapes in 15cm hoops! I created this collection of fibre art wall... View More

Christmas Greetings Card with Hanging Decoration

Explore the enchantment of this Christmas greeting card, showcasing original artwork by KEcreates and enhanced with... View More

Sparkly Christmas Tree Shaped Ornament

Introducing my 2023 collection of Handwoven Christmas Tree Ornaments! These charming decorations are handcrafted within... View More

Sparkly Tree of Life Ornament

Sparkly yarn makes these the perfect fiber art ornaments for your Christmas decor! An affordable piece of fiber art... View More

Silver Birch Treescape (Miniature)

Miniature Silver Birch Collection of Fibre Art Treescapes Welcome to my mini collection of tapestry woven treescapes... View More

Tree of Life Keyring

An adorable tree of life keyring made in a 6cm hoop. The total length is 11cm with the keychain section being 4.5cm... View More

Tree of Life Ornament

A small and affordable piece of fibre art sculpture suitable for hanging on walls, from rear-view mirrors, propping... View More

Tree of Life Brooch

A genuinely unique fibre art tree of life brooch. Tree brooch is approximately 4cm and has a bar brooch pin on the... View More

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About KEcreates

The Original Treescape Artist

Hello! I'm Katie, a self-taught fibre artist located in Derbyshire, England. Drawing inspiration from the world around me and the emotions that nature evokes, I specialize in creating captivating fibre artwork. My passion lies in capturing the essence of plants and trees through fibres, which serves as a rich source of inspiration for my creations.

My journey as an artist began with my Grandpa's tapestry work, and upon inheriting a vast collection of wool, I delved into the world of weaving and tapestry. As my skills evolved, I explored the realm of soft sculpture, giving rise to my unique and mesmerizing treescapes.

In our fast-paced society, it is crucial to be reminded of the exquisite beauty that our planet has to offer. Through my art, I aim to bring that reminder into people's lives and foster a deep connection with our home planet. Experience the wonder of nature translated into fibre artwork, as I invite you to explore the captivating world of my creations.